The weather has already adapted to the summer season with rising temperatures and high humidity. Hence, air conditioners are the best option to ease your days during this scorching heat. However, your AC unit might not be in the best condition and requires certain repairs. Byers Heating and Air offer several AC services in Boonville, IN, and areas nearby that can cater to your needs.

Why is AC Servicing Important?

  • Better air quality

Air conditioners are only responsible for cool air indoors but are also responsible for generating fresh air. When you get an AC service, the air quality also increases.

  • Prevent high cost of electricity bills

An AC pulls more energy when not running at an efficient capacity. It results in high costs of electricity bills. Get the HVAC unit serviced to avoid such expenses.

  • Prevent future damages

When an AC gets serviced regularly, the wear and tear of the unit also decreases. You are saving money by doing this and extending the life of an AC unit results. 

Air Conditioning Services Include

  • Installation of smart thermostats

Nowadays, AC manufacturers have introduced Smart Thermostats in the market. Smart thermostats can be operated through Wi-Fi and set on automation for cooling, ventilation, and heating. A Smart Thermostat is important to automatically change the room’s temperature and generate cool air as per the requirement. 

  • Air conditioning repair 

Since ACs are not in use in the winter season, they can lower performance rates. Hence, regular servicing of air conditioners is required. You must get your AC serviced at regular intervals to ensure the better working of the unit.

  • Tune-up for air conditioners

AC demands tune-ups every few months regardless of the age of the unit. Moreover, AC tune-up includes cleaning the filters and coils, flushing the drains, and evaluating overall performance. Dirty filters and condenser coils can accumulate cool air inside the system and malfunction. 

  • Replacements of air conditioner

An AC which is a decade old might require frequent repairs that can be heavy on the pocket. Hence, it is important to look for an AC replacement so that you save the money that is spent. 

  • Air conditioner installations

If you recently have bought a new unit or have moved out to a new place, you probably need an AC installation service. ACs are huge machines that need professional expertise and cannot be set up by yourself. AC installation services include checking electrical ports, fitting the pipes, and setting up the thermostat correctly. 

  • AC maintenance 

Once your AC gets installed, getting a regular maintenance check is essential. It results in efficient performance and a prolonged lifespan of the unit. A maintained ACs resale value is usually higher than the one in bad condition. Hence, AC maintenance is important to ensure the AC is performing efficiently even after many years. 

Importance of An AC Contractor:

  • A service provider has a team of professional contractors and technicians that you might need for your HVAC system.
  • An AC service contractor can guide you about the services and the cost of each service.
  • A service contractor is up-to-date with all the new features of an HVAC system and has the expertise to solve any problems related to it. 

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