We go for timely health check-ups for our health, we service our cars, and we renovate or paint our homes after a few years. These all mean everything needs maintenance to be at its best, whether living or nonliving. An air conditioner also needs a tune-up service so that you can know when to get it repaired before it is too late. 

Even if you keep a check on your AC performance and clean its parts frequently, that will not make the need for AC tune-up less important. An AC tune-up in Boonville, IN, is a significant part of AC maintenance, ensuring that your AC keeps satisfying you for a longer time.

What Is An AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up refers to the complete inspection of your air conditioning unit and its power supply. It will detect the problems that may occur in the future to prevent them beforehand.

A Tune-Up Service Includes:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Power supply inspection
  • Examining the condition of the motor and blower
  • Testing the compressor and condenser
  • Ductwork inspection
  • Cleaning of AC parts
  • Lubrication of AC parts

When Should You Go For An AC Tune-Up?

Some symptoms point to the requirement for AC tune-up service. These symptoms are:

  • Upsetting sounds

When you suddenly experience that your AC is producing more noise than usual and the sounds are disturbing, you should go for an AC tune-up service to know why such noises are.

  • The electricity bill is above budget

When the electricity bill keeps on rising, your air conditioning unit is consuming too much energy. Thus, a tune-up will fix this problem. Control of energy consumption is also a positive contribution to the environment.

  • Negligible cooling

If the AC suddenly starts cooling less or does not cool at all, it means there is some issue with your AC that needs to be inspected soon. A tune-up will help increase the efficiency of your AC.

  • Rise in humidity

If the humidity level increases too much, then it is not good for your AC and your health. It is advised to call a technician for a tune-up service on time rather than regret it later.

  • Water leakage

The leakage of refrigerant liquid can cause big damage to your AC. An AC tune-up will help you detect the leakage and fix it on time. 

To avoid these problems and properly maintain your AC, schedule an AC tune-up service every year. If AC tune-up service is skipped for even one year, it can invite expensive repairs for your AC.

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