Why Should You Not Turn Off The Heat At Night?

Turning off the heater at night has many potential risks. These potential risks should be kept in mind by the homeowner. Heaters are a necessity in the cold temperature of Boonville, as the temperature can get as low as 26 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months. One can encounter these potential risks if they turn off their heaters at night:

  • Frozen pipes and vents: The hot air prevents the freezing air in the winter months from freezing the pipes and vents. If you turn off your heater or furnace, the temperature of the house may drop down which can lead to the water pipes freezing and bursting. This may take a lot of money to repair, sometimes as high as $ 100,000. Also, replacing those pipes in the winter months might be difficult and this can disrupt your water supply as well.
  • Uncomfortable home temperature: If heaters are turned off at night, the temperature of the house might drop below 60o F. Temperatures below this are uncomfortable for infants and the elderly and might lead to difficulties in sleeping. Also, it is not advisable to let the temperature of your house drops below 60o.

What Can You Do Instead Of Turning Off Your Heater At Night?

Instead of turning off the heater at night, you can try to lower the temperature by 6-8 degrees. Lowering the temperature of your heater or furnace proves more beneficial in saving money and lowering electricity bills. You can turn off the temperature of the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature your family members agree upon. This can lead to better sleep and reduced costs. Also, if you do not want to go to the trouble of changing the temperature every day, it is better to buy a programmable thermostat. You can set up the timings and temperature which will ease your job.

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