A common problem that people face with their furnace is the dirty flame ignitor. If you notice that your furnace starts working but stops shortly after, it may be due to the dirt accumulation on your furnace ignitor.

With time, the igniters of the furnace have considerably evolved. At first, the furnace systems used to have pilot lights. These are a flame that burns continuously on gas. This flame is required to keep the burner burning throughout the heat cycle. Then came the spark igniters. Initially, these spark igniters were used to ignite the pilot flame, which was then used to ignite the burner. Later, these spark igniters started to directly ignite the burners.

Nowadays, the system of hot surface ignitors has developed. These are made of resistive heating elements which take some time to get heated and turn red and then further perform the task.

If you have a dirty igniter on your furnace and wish to clean it without calling for furnace repair in Newburgh, In, read on.

Find The Furnace Ignitor

After you cut all the power connections and let the furnace cool for a while, open the access panel of your furnace. Mostly, you will see a set of four burners right in front of you. While one end of each burner will be exposed, the other end can be seen across a metal wall. The ignitor can be found on this metal wall on the closer side to the gas valve.

An ignitor would be an item with a white or yellowish porcelain base, a long metallic bar, or a pair of bars extending into the first burner area.

Use Compressed Air To Clean The Ignitor

If your furnace takes time to ignite, there might be carbon deposits accumulated on these ignitors. These deposits can be removed by blasting the probe with some compressed air. It can also clean the blocked pitot tube on the older models of the furnace. If you notice that the pilot flame is burning weakly or is not burning at all, this might just do the trick.

How To Physically Clean A Hot Surface Ignitor

To physically clean the probe on the hot surface ignitor, start by pulling off the wires of the ignitor to disconnect it. Loosen the screws that hold the ignitor in place and gently take the item out. Avoid touching the element with bare hands as the oil might cause damage.

Next, rub the probe gently using a soft cloth. Do this gently because it is very fragile. Once you are satisfied that you have removed as much dirt as possible, place the ignitor back, connect the wires and give it a connection. Kick start the furnace to see if it is working.

If the problem continues, replace the ignitor. Type furnace replacement near me, and you shall get several organizations that provide furnace ignitors of all kinds.

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