Every air conditioner is prone to failures and damages at one point in time. As they are mechanical devices built of coils and motors, their functioning can deteriorate with time. Goodman air conditioners share the same tendency. But how do you troubleshoot a Goodman air conditioner in such a situation?

To troubleshoot, firstly, you need to understand the basic structure of your Goodman air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit consists of a compressor outside and a coil inside, on top of your furnace. The compressor’s task is to pump the refrigerant gas, which dehumidifies and cools the air present in your space.

Moreover, it removes heat and moisture from the air inside your home. It circulates the absorbed hot air over the indoor coil and outside your home. With such tedious pumping and functioning, your Goodman central air system is bound to fail over time.

Coming back to the troubleshooting of your device, you can either book an AC service in Newburgh, IN, or refer to the manual to check the technicalities. However, do not try to fix anything by yourself, as it can be extremely risky.

Here Are a Few Fundamental Steps Which You Can Follow to Troubleshoot Your Goodman Air Conditioning Unit –

Step 1 – Check the thermostat of your house, which controls the air conditioning unit. Adjust the thermostat if you notice that it is set in a cooler setting than the temperature reading of your house.

Step 2 – Next, check for any short-circuits in the unit. Go to the breaker box of your house and ensure that the circuit of your air-conditioning compressor hasn’t tripped off. Check all the breakers to be completely sure.

Step 3 – Disconnect the breaker in the breaker box from the compressor. Remove the top cover of the compressor by unscrewing the screws holding it in place. Remember to turn off the power to the compressor to avoid any electric shocks. Inspect the inside of the compressor for any charred or damaged wires or motors.

Step 4 – Check if the fan is working. Rotate the compressor fan and see if it turns. If the fan is stuck, it will have to be replaced.

Step 5 – Examine the whole unit and check for any kind of debris, dust, leaves, sticks or grass, or dirt accumulated on the condenser fan or coil. This accumulation can cause extreme hindrance for the airflow and hamper your system. It is advisable to schedule an AC repair near you.

You can easily troubleshoot a Goodman air conditioner using these simple steps. Ensure to keep the unit disconnected from the electricity at all times to avoid any casualties. After troubleshooting, you can call for an AC service in Newburgh, IN, to fix your unit properly and safely.

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