Having our furnace breakdown in the middle of the chilly season can be a dreadful experience. Even the thought of spending a night in the utmost cold can send chills down our spines. Not having regular furnace servicing can lead to expensive heating repairs at Newburgh, IN. While some furnace problems need the hands of a trained professional, others can be fixed on your own.

There are some problems which are more common as compared to others. Here is a list of some of the most common problems you might face with your furnace.

  • Short Cycling or Long Cycling

If the furnace blower frequently turns on and off without heating the room to an adequate temperature, it is short cycling. On the other hand, if the furnace takes longer than usual to heat the room to a comfortable temperature, it’s called long-cycling. These can generally be due to a simple issue of clogged filters.

The furnace’s air filters clear the air of dirt and dust before letting it into the blower. Over a period, the dirt accumulates on the furnace, and less air can pass through. As a result, the issue of short cycling or lack of adequate heat arises. You should clean the filters now and then and change them regularly (preferably every year).

  • Weird Abnormal Noises

The furnaces generally make a slight whooshing sound when it works. This is the sound of air passing through the vents. In some furnaces, the sound is higher as compared to others. However, if you notice some loud, abnormal noise when your furnace is working, it might indicate some problem.

The loud rattling, banging, thumping, or screeching sounds are an indication of various problems. For example, the rattling sound can indicate the wear and tear of some parts of the furnace. The clicking sound on the start of the furnace might indicate issues with the ignition or pilot, etc. You should call a trusted furnace contractor, Newburgh, IN, if you face any such problem

  • Furnace Stopped Working all of a Sudden

There can be times when your furnace is working, and suddenly it stops without bringing the room to the desired temperature. This can either be due to the circuit breaker or because of loose wiring. You shall check if there is any tripped circuit and fix it.

Also, check the switch of the thermostat and that of the furnace. Ensure that the wire connecting the thermostat and the furnace is intact. If the furnace is creating problems even after all this, you must contact an experienced furnace contractor in Newburgh, IN, for further help.

  • Pilot Control or Electrical Ignition Problems

If you notice that your furnace is not starting, the problem might be with the pilot control or the electrical ignition system. It solely depends on the model of your furnace. If you have an older model, see if the pilot light is on. If the problem is not resolved, reach out to the technician that provides heating repair in Newburgh, IN.

Are you facing a furnace problem that you cannot resolve? Reach out to us at Byers Heating and Air for expert care. We will take care of every requirement and solve all your furnace and other HVAC-related problems in no time.