The climate has changed, every day, we hear about a new calamity, a new anomaly in the atmosphere. The world has also become hotter, and with that, comfort appliances like the air conditioner have to do more work to keep the homeowners safe. Therefore it is possible your air conditioner can break down due to overworking and could be indicated by less cooling. Here are some issues and some quick-fix solutions for some common issues related to cooling. We will also see if these issues are serious enough to warrant an AC replacement in Newburgh.

  • Filter Change

The room in which your AC is placed or the house, if it’s centralized, can take longer to cool; this is because of clogged filters. To fix the problem, all you have to do is clean or change the filter. Remove the filter and see if it’s clogged with dust. If it’s covered with dust, then use a rough cloth to clean the filter. If the filter is a disposable ( check the manual if you are confused ) one, then you can take it out and soak it in a tub filled with lukewarm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Rinse and dry before installing it back in the ac. If the situation persists, turn off your AC and call the professionals from AC maintenance in Newburgh.

  • Frozen Unit

You feel like the AC is blowing warm air and not cool air. This is caused due to over-usage. Your AC had tried to keep up with the heat, but the evaporator coils broke, and as a result, the inside of the unit froze. You should turn off the cooling if you experience this issue and turn on the fan to allow the evaporator coils to defrost. It takes a lot of time, so you can relax while your AC defrosts. If you let the AC run in its cooling mode even if it’s frozen over, then the compressor coils can get damaged. If the compressor coils are damaged, definitely call the professionals from AC maintenance in Newburgh.

  • Vent Checking

If you have a centralized AC and if one of the rooms is not getting cool, you should check the vents. Check all the vents inside and outside, especially the ones inside the rooms. Check the ones on the ground for any debris and scoop them out. Regularly clean or at least vacuum the vents to keep them dust and debris-free. Otherwise, they will clog the vents, and it will reduce the unit’s efficiency.

  • Wash

If you have tried everything and the AC is still not cooling, it would be time for some spring cleaning. So turn off the cooling and do a thorough check of the unit. Clean any clogged outside vents, use a water hose with a gentle stream, don’t use too much pressure. Clean all the debris, leaves, grass, and dust around the outside unit.

If the AC is still not working, then it would need professional maintenance. Sometimes the unit would have to be replaced. So check out Byers Heating and Air for AC replacement in Newburgh and AC maintenance in Newburgh.