When it’s time for the seasonal preventive tune-up of your air conditioning unit, you must never neglect to pay special attention to system parts that are out of your sight within the unit cabinet. The condenser coils of your air conditioning unit are among the more significant of these hidden parts.

When issues arise with these condenser coils, such as the coils getting dirty, your air conditioner’s performance and effectiveness cab decline, and it can further damage your unit. Hence, it is always important to take care of these AC coils by cleaning them regularly or calling a professional for AC repair near me if there is any damage.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Outdoor Coils?

There are generally two types of coils in an air conditioning unit. While the indoor system holds an evaporator coil, the outdoor of an air conditioning unit holds a condenser coil. The indoor evaporator coils transfer the hot air to the outdoor system. The main objective of the condenser coil of the AC unit is to release the heat into the atmosphere with the assistance of an exhaust fan.

However, when these condenser coils get dirty due to lack of maintenance, they can lose their performance efficiency and can take up more power while functioning. Therefore, you must never forget to clean these coils either by yourself or by calling a technician for maintenance and AC repair near me. Mentioned below are a few steps that you can take to clean the coils of your air conditioning unit –

  • Switch off your AC unit.

This is the initial step that you must always keep in mind before cleaning the outdoor coils. Switching off your air conditioning unit ensures that you remain protected during your entire cleaning, and there are no chances of evacuation.

  • Collect all the required equipment.

For cleaning the outdoor coils of an air conditioning unit, you will require a dry or wet vacuum to extract dirt and debris from the depths of the condenser coils. Additionally, you can also use a coil cleaning spray that comes with a nozzle that can better clean inside the condenser coils.

  • Get started with your coil cleaning.

Once you have gathered all the pieces of equipment, it’s time for some action. To initiate your cleaning, you must remove the condenser lid and then clean all the dirt and debris with the help of a vacuum or a damp cloth in case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. In addition to this, you must further check your unit properly to ensure that the coils are cleaned accurately. Once satisfied, you can place the lid back.

Proper cleaning of the outdoor coils of an air conditioning unit is extremely important for increasing the unit’s performance. Looking for a professional for maintenance or air conditioning installation near me? Don’t worry! We can always assist you in saving a lot of HVAC costs.

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